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Oscar-winning Framestore: ‘virtual reality is not a platform’

Karl Woolley, creative technologist at Oscar-winning production company Framestore, says virtual reality should not be seen as a platform, but as the driving force of content’s narrative.

Framestore, which won an Oscar for its work on ‘Gravity’, is approaching directors in order to push virtual reality (VR) as a technology that extends beyond its initial gaming applications.

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Dave Droga: “this industry is extraordinary”

Dave Droga

Dave Droga

Bravery in advertising is about putting your beliefs ahead of self preservation, according to David Droga, the creative chairman of Droga5.

The founder of Droga5, which has offices in the US, Australia and the UK, hosted a panel of creative executives who he described as the “people that made me realize this industry is extraordinary”.

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Mcgarrybowen planner: why I’m putting a ‘consumer’ swear jar in the office

As the event draws to a close, Michael McCourt, a strategic planner at Mcgarrybowen, shares one of his biggest learnings from the week with LIVE@AdvertisingWeek.

He writes: “Sir Martin Sorrell echoed David Ogilvy’s aphorism; stating that the ‘consumer is not a moron’ and that we ‘do not credit the consumer with enough common sense’. I (regrettably) agree, but I also believe that one word in this statement is part of the problem – consumer.

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