Our 5 favourite videos from Advertising Week Europe

This week we’ve turned our video cameras on celebrities, media moguls, scientists and glossy magazine editors.

Here are our top 5 (although we suggest you check out all of our videos on the Brand Republic YouTube channel):

1) James Caan names the worst pitch he ever saw

2) Martin Sorrell tells us why Google is “all powerful” and which companies could possibly challenge its supremacy

3) Sir Trevor McDonald explains why more TV channels in the digital age can only be a good thing

4) Suki Thompson, CEO of marketing consultancy Oystercatchers, shares her three tips for agencies to work better with their clients

5) Microsoft’s David Rothchild, the economist who correctly predicted the votes of 50 out of the 51 states in the 2012 US election, explains why advertising has a way to go to embrace predictive science