Google boss on the “new wave of disruption”

Matt Britten:

Matt Brittin: “the UK must show more ambition”

Google’s boss for Northern and Central Europe Matt Brittin says we are “at the beginning of a new wave of disruption” and believes the UK can be at the centre of technology innovation if it shows more “ambition”.

Speaking at Advertising Week Europe, Brittin commended the UK’s role in being central to inventing radio, television, computing and the world-wide web and said the British needed more ambition.

Brittin said he believed the UK had not produced a Google despite its strong heritage for innovation, because a lack of “scale and ambition” and said new British businesses focussed on local success rather than launching with global ambitions.

He said: “The challenge is to break out of the [mindset of] ‘the Americans are going to win here, the Chinese are coming’ and take advantage of what we’ve got.

“I don’t think it is about access to finance or skills – it is about ambition and scale and the barriers are coming down.”

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