Going “inside the programmatic ring” by Maxus

Tim Irwin, the chief operating officer of Maxus UK, tells us 5 things he learnt from the ‘Inside the programmatic ring’ session at Advertising Week Europe.

1) It’s a hot topic. Despite the presence of Idris Elba and James Corden in adjoining rooms, it was standing room only.

2)  Just as we’re all getting used to the language of programmatic, one of the panellists wants to rename it ‘automation’. No please, no.

3)  It’s evident that some panellists are desperate to squeeze in a smart soundbite: “is programmatic problematic” springs to mind.

4)  Despite the organisers trying to hype up the session as a ‘mano-a-mano’-type boxing affair, the panel were largely happy to agree with each other.

5)  All advertising will be traded programmatically within two years or five years or 10 years, or never.

It was a programmatic day apparently, which demonstrates just how big this subject is. We’re all still fishing around a bit at the moment and the true implications and value of programmatic will only become clearer as time goes by. Even the esteemed panel are on a learning curve. Maybe that was why there wasn’t an opportunity to ask questions from the audience?