Facebook investor predicts “the end of segmented audiences”

Botteri: predicts the end of segmented audiences

Botteri: predicts the end of segmented audiences

Accel Partners, one of the early venture capital companies to invest in Facebook, has predicted the rise of one-to-one advertising across multiple channels as one of the next big booms, in a session at Advertising Week.

Philippe Botteri, a partner at Accel, told Trevor Healy, the chief executive of the mobile ad platform Amobee, in Tuesday morning’s VC dialogue session that big data and personalisation was driving this change.

Botteri said: “Advertising is changing from segmentation, where brands were trying to understand how to segment their customers and then market for each segment. This vision of the world will disappear in the next few years and be replaced by one-on-one advertising.

“If you look at a company like Booking.com, they built their own email marketing engine [to] send out millions of emails without ever sending the same email to more than two users.”

Botteri added that email marketing was “just the first step” and would be followed by advertising on a one-to-one basis “across platform, across content and across search”.

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