Could AWEurope rival Cannes? No.

AWEurope ain't set to rival Cannes, according to you

AWEurope ain’t set to rival Cannes, according to you

After all the buzz about Advertising Week in London, we asked you to vote as to whether Advertising Week Europe could ever rival that much more established industry gathering: Cannes.

You have spoken: a striking 71% of you answered “no way”, while only 15.4% said “Yes, it’s well on its way” and 13.5% said “it could in a few years”.

So, that’s that settled.

  • Philip

    Considering the majority of the peps I saw at #AWE were middle aged white guys on expenses, no surprise in the voting. BUT Consider Larry Page and his Ted talk last
    month. “The main thing that has caused companies to fail, in my view, is that they missed the future,” – Cannes might get you pissed and laid, but it’s not the future of Comms