What can brands can learn from children’s books?

What can we learn from kid's books?

What can we learn from kid’s books?

Brands can learn invaluable lessons in communication from the storytelling techniques employed by children’s books, which, in essence, help kids to make sense of the world around them, according to Daniel Zeff, chief executive of Evidently, speaking at Advertising Week.

Zeff and former Unilever chief marketer Simon Clift gave examples of different children’s books that demonstrated the craft of storytelling, and how brands can learn from them.

All great stories, Zeff said, are framed within a simple structure, such as the beginning, middle and end structure, but children’s stories “rupture” this framework with a “surprise”.

Zeff used the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ as an example. The main character – a mouse – makes up a creature called the Gruffalo, which he uses to scare the predators he meets. The twist of the story is that the Gruffalo is, in fact, real.

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