Google champions “constant, unrelenting change”

Inside the Google lounge at Advertising Week Europe

Inside the Google lounge at Advertising Week Europe

Speaking as part of the Fast Company Disruptors panel at Advertising Week Europe, Google said constant, unrelenting change was essential or you fall behind.

“We don’t go out to be a disruptive business,” said Mark Howe, managing director for agency sales at Google. “But we’re changing the rules all the time because the world is constantly changing.

“In Google Labs, those guys are constantly thinking about the future, they’re geniuses. We’re all constantly thinking into the future, rather than thinking incrementally. If you’re only incremental then you’re falling behind immediately.”

Howe said that last year Google made 1,100 changes to its search business. “You’ve got to be working fast – if not [the next big thing] will come from someone’s garage and take over.

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  • Davie Tuff

    Must be nice to be humble. I knew a head of classified advertising who thought he was really important too.