Alan Partridge creator: “all TV programmes could be branded”

Henry Normal, co-creator of Alan Partridge and managing director of Baby Cow Productions, says that he is surprised that more brands don’t use branded television as a marketing medium.

Speaking in the UM Studios session at Advertising Week Europe, he said: “In 40 years, hardly any advertisers have knocked on my door. It’s surprising because the practice is very aggressive in the film industry. The opportunities are definitely here. I don’t see why all our programmes shouldn’t be branded.”

Normal was also involved with the TV shows Gavin and Stacey and the Mighty Boosh.

The session this morning, called “Stories that Spark”, looked at content marketing and was hosted by Scott Donaton, UM international’s head of content, with James McAllister, head of UM Studios, London.

McAllister said: “In the future, adverts will become even more marginalised, as the next generation becomes increasingly ad-savvy.”