James Corden: Microsoft ad ‘one of least creative things I’ve been part of’

Corden on his Microsoft ad experience

Actor and writer James Corden described an ad for a Microsoft Windows phone as one of the “least creative things I’ve been a part of”, in a session at Advertising Week Europe 2014, where he also questioned the efficacy of Twitter.

The actor and writer was talking as part of a panel session focused on how the marketing and advertising industry can better work with celebrity talent.

Discussing the ad for a Windows-powered HTC smartphone, Corden said: “I did an ad for Microsoft for a phone where I felt like I was dropped in from a list of 20 people, of which I was number seven after six people had said no; but I had a wedding to pay for.” The actor was joined onstage by talent agent Joanna Scarratt, head of brand partnerships at United Agents; and Zoe Collins, managing executive of Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One Productions.

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