What is “lifestyle hacking”?

Sam Noble, chief strategy officer of Iris, blogs for LIVE@AdvertisingWeek to explain this intriguing term from a panel with Mini UK and author Mark Earls on Thursday about “participation brands”

He writes: “The two tribes of creative marketing – we could loosely describe them as the ‘brand’ and the ‘behavioural’ marketers – are still too often locked in an unhelpful battle for attention and budget.

As a result (according to a recent study by the Fournaise Group) 70% of CMOs are struggling to understand, focus on and deliver the things that can make the biggest difference to their business.

Meanwhile, fast growth is being driven not by the marketers, but by innovators and entrepreneurs who are focused less on questions like ‘how do I put more emotion into my TVC’ or ‘what proportion of my content plan should be native advertising’, and more on questions like ‘how do I make people’s lives better?’ and ‘how might getting ahead of the technology curve help me do it?’

These innovators are spawning new ideas to live by that are building brand and behavioral relationships in harmony. These ideas are actively participating in the flow of people’s lifestyles, and they are becoming an authentic and contagious part of culture. We call them ‘Participation Brands’.

These innovators aren’t just hacking tech, they are hacking lifestyles – and us marketers would do well to take a leaf or two out of their book.

‘Participation brands and lifestyle hacks’: how to drive a return on involvement

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