Sorrell, Thomson and McDonald top day 1 tweets

Word Cloud AWEurope

We Are Social used Tagxedo to analyse titles and descriptions of all the events taking place during Advertising Week Europe 2014

Terms and phrases around Advertising Week Europe were mentioned in 4,238 tweets yesterday (as of 4pm), according to an analysis from social media agency We Are Social.

The agency looked at conversations tagged #AWEurope, @AW_Europe, AWEurope or AdWeekEurope.

Sir Martin Sorrell and Robert Thomson’s seminar on the future of news advertising was one of the most mentioned talks, with people praising the duo as interesting and informative:

Sir Trevor McDonald was-well received in his talk on TV, with tweeters describing it as inspiring.

Data was a top topic of the day, with remarks like marketer John Allert  saying: “Big data is a dangerous sea. To try to make sense of it can be like trying to boil the ocean” being picked up online.