Mediacom’s Jon Hook: we can’t reach any consensus on mobile

Hook: Many brain facts, but not much consensus

Hook: Many brain facts, but not much consensus

Mediacom’s head of mobile Jon Hook blogs for LIVE@Advertising Week on why, despite all the hype and attention, we can’t reach any consensus on mobile.

He writes: “I’ve sat through a glittering line up of industry leaders, both agency and brand marketers. And still, we can’t reach any consensus on mobile.

There are plenty of questions. What should we call it – “screen first”, “mobility” or a “post-digital medium”?

There is also no shortage of brain-busting stats – 95% of texts are read in the first 5 seconds (Microsoft), UK adspend on mobile has increased 627%s (eMarketer)

Yet, the four core challenges came across loud and clear in the CMO panel from BloomFM, Hotels.Com and William Hill.

They are:

1) Cross channel measurement/tracking and attribution

2) Behaviours across device ( mobile/tablet) and operating system vary dramatically – don’t treat it all as “mobile”

3) Mobile is not a siloed channel, and should be integrated into your broader media mix

4) The ‘churn and burn’ CPA model is a race to the bottom – brands need to balance acquisition and retention

And the solution?

Technology and connected planning. With the media landscape converging around consumers who swap devices multiple times an hour, we need to design a rich and engaging experience for consumers that help drive behavioural change for brands. Not a siloed mobile media plan.

And these engaging experiences must be underpinned by robust technology to provide brands with the accountability and transparency required, enabling us to allocate media investment according to genuine consumer interactions.