Branded content: “don’t try to be Red Bull”

Red Bull dominated the conversation at  branded content panel at Advertising Week Europe featuring Carat, UM Studios, Getty and Liquidthread

The panel said many clients would ask how they could do more activity like the energy drinks brand, well-known for its stunt with Felix Baumgartner’s who jumped from space in 2012.

“We say you should be inspired by red Bull, not aspire to be them,” said UM Studios global chief content officer Scott Donaton.

Tom Hind, director of creative content at Getty Images, said that Red Bull’s content execution was so successful that people do not ever question or see a disparity between a high-sugar drink and extreme sports.

“As Charlie Brooker says, it’s about getting through the ‘cloud of blah’. Red Bull does this.”

Andrea Brown, managing director of Liquidthread, added: “It’s important to remember that Red Bull has been doing this for about 12 years, however. It’s a long jounrey for them – and they will have messed up along the way.”

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