And Monday’s buzzword was… #hashtag

The queue for Twitter's talk on TV at Advertising Week Europe

The queue for Twitter’s talk on TV at Advertising Week Europe

Sky IQ are blogging for LIVE@AdvertisingWeek and picking out a daily buzzword from the event.

Day one buzzword: #hashtag

Hannah McMullen, head of marketing at Sky IQ explains:  “Hoards of people lined the streets of Piccadilly waiting to bag a seat at the Twitter and ThinkBox presentation, where new research on second screening and TV viewing was unveiled.

The #TVtwitter presentation revealed a wealth of compelling statistics indicating the growing harmony between TV and mobile, how it encourages increased viewing time and gives viewers the ability for to interact with brands instantly.

What struck me most during the presentation was consumer responses to programmes and brands promoting a hashtag.

One viewer stated: “It’s what the programme wants from me.”

If this belief is true for viewers more broadly, advertisers need to ensure there is a compelling reason to engage online and not create a hashtag simply for the sake of it.

After all, there is nothing worse than searching for a hashtag and finding that only the brand is using it.

Given the 4.2 million #BRITs2014 tweets, and the growing number of excited #GameOfThrones tweets ahead of season four, there’s no doubt that engagement online is growing significantly.

Furthermore, it presents a compelling case that social engagement with TV has moved from the water cooler the day after and into the living room in real time.

It’s time for brands to capitalise on this fact and interact in real time with their consumers.”