Amazon director: eCommerce buttons help “cut through the clutter”

Wright: sometimes the best inventions are simple ones

Wright: sometimes the best inventions are simple ones

Dan Wright, a director of Amazon Media Group Europe, blogs for LIVE@AdvertisingWeek about why adding functionality is the real way to “rise above the clutter”.

“There’s a lot of talk this week about the evolution of media and how brands “rise above the clutter.”  We [at Amazon]  we are big believers that invention often comes in the form of simplification.

Customers reward great experiences, and the best experiences are often really simple.  So instead of thinking about how we help our advertisers “cut through clutter,” we work to make things easier for our customers, and, within that, integrate advertisers in ways that drive results.

Take our  eCommerce ads. They have familiar Amazon shopping features and functionality embedded within IAB standard banners.  We started with features like “add to basket” buttons and customer reviews, and grew that selection by a multiple of four over the course of 2013.

Today our UK advertisers can choose from other buttons on their ad units, like “add to wish list” and “subscribe & save” buttons, customer ratings and reviews, video, or combinations of these.

We’re continually evolving to not only add more functionality, but also to learn how we can most effectively use these different elements in combination. The number of advertisers choosing to use eCommerce ad units versus standard banners for their Q4 Amazon campaigns was up more than 400% year-on-year worldwide; the number of campaigns featuring eCommerce ads vs. standard banners was up more than 600% year-one-year worldwide. If we can continue to invent on behalf of our customers, we will continue to produce ad products like these.”