Neglecting women in tech “costs the UK £588m”

Belinda Parmar says women shouldn't be ignored

Belinda Parmar says women shouldn’t be ignored

Belinda Parmar, CEO of Lady Geek and Founder of Little MissGeek, shares a shocking figure about female tech consumers, ahead of chairing the IPC Media seminar: “Why woman really rule the tech world.”

She blogs: “The estimated cost of neglecting female technology consumers in the UK is a whopping £588 million. This should present enough of a financial incentive to shock the industry into changing its ways and embracing women, before it’s too late.

Women are not a niche market. Women are fronting the technology revolution. They spend more on smartphones than men, one and a half times as much on technology, and influence 57% of new technology purchases.

They are leading from the front as designers who have created amazing things such as Kevlar for bullet-proof vests (Stephanie Kwolek), or designers of Apple’s interface icons (Susan Kate). According to the Harvard Business Review, businesses that put empathy and emotional intelligence at their heart outperform their more robotic rivals by 20%.

Women control 70% of household spending yet only 3% of advertising creative directors are female. There is an obvious mismatch of effort and opportunity. It really shouldn’t be hard to reach out to female customers – women love brands that do three things well: emotion, reassurance and authenticity.”

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